Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Where we've been

Yesterday, I started a new job at an absolutely amazing company. I have spent the past few days wrapping up at the old job and mentally preparing to come to the new place, so I have not had time to share the latest antics.

While the new job is super cool and fantastic, I had to make a trade off and acquired a miserable commute. Granted, I have been extremely spoiled for the past 3 years with a seven mile commute so the 35 minutes that it takes to get to the new job is treachery. The new commute also equals an earlier wake up time at Maison d'O.

We have been trying to follow FlyLady rules and prepping the night before which so far is working out fabulously. The kids are both too tired when they get to school in the morning so I have also escaped the morning "Mommy, why are you abandoning me?" fiasco.

All in all, everyone is adjusting nicely (but it is only day 2) and I promise to start doing stuff with my kids again once the dust settles.

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