Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giving it another go round

Unless you live in a hole, you have probably seen the recent ad campaign for Slimquick.

The children have clearly seen these commercials and believe the product will work.

SCENE: Crowed Wal-Mart last weekend. Children in the cart. We enter the vitamin aisle.

IN UNISON (at a volume that could be heard throughout the entire health and beauty department) : Mommy, mommy, stop! There it is!

ME: There what is?

THEM: The stuff you need so you won't have such a big butt. Here lets get two because you really need it.

And so it goes...

I'm back on a diet.

Now in all honesty, I have not done anything to attempt to get healthy for the past year. And consequently, I now weigh as much as a linebacker (not a running back, a linebacker.)

Sure, I've thought about it. But, I've also thought about all the reasons why I should eat nachos at 10 at night while watching Chelsea Lately. I feel like I have earned that down time. Why ruin it with exercise?

But, I'm really unhappy about the way I look and most of the time I am too exhausted from lugging around 46% body fat to even think about fixing it. I have considered starting a second blog to try to hold myself accountable like this guy did, but I'm too ashamed to actually post how much I really weigh. So, as a compromise, I have decided that I will post how much weight I lose each week on this blog. Depending on how that goes, I will determine if I need to get more aggressive with accountability partners.

So, wish me luck and if you have any tips, please feel free to send them my way!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Parenting lesson #740

Always expect the unexpected when you ask the question, how did your day go.

I'm beginning to think that watching bad comedy movies while rocking Baby Bear to sleep when he was still an infant may not have been the best idea. I've mentioned several times before that he tends to do things seen in Napoleon Dynamite. But today, he switched movies on me.

ME: How did your day go, did you have any poopie problems.

*NOTE* for context, we have had some serious poopie problems in our house for the past 5 days.

BB: Well...I went poop in my pants. And I kept my poopie pants on ALL DAY LONG. {Said in a proud-as-can-be tone}

ME: You have extra underwear, you could have changed them.

BB: NOPE! And it is all over my underwear.

ME: {Shakes head}

At this point, I think the responsible parenting skills were supposed to kick in and I was supposed to give him a speech about good hygiene. Instead, immature adult self showed up and caused me to call my sister to share in the good fun.

If you've not seen Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, here is the clip that I am referring to.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


A couple weeks ago (and yes, I've been very lazy with updating this blog) Mooka came home from school with a big packet of information stating that she had qualified for the gifted program.

I think most parents would be excited to get that sort of news, but I was more like, well, duh. I have actually been worried that she is not getting enough out of school as she and her brother seem to be covering the same type of lessons while he is still in pre-school.

Less than 5% of the kindergarten and 1st grade students combined are invited into the program and she is the only one in her class who was selected. This is another thing that bothers me. I don't want her to feel like she is different. I don't want her to feel pressure to have to perform a certain way in school. I remember being a junior in high school and nearly giving my self a aneurysm when I thought I wasn't going to make it into National Honor Society. And guess what, my grades have never impacted me one bit in my adult life. It's not like I've ever gone into a job interview and been asked "What were your grades like in high school English?" It just really doesn't make a whole lot of difference.

So, I actually struggled with the decision to let her be a part of the program. When we talked about it, I asked her if she knew why she was being asked to go to a different class or if she knew what they would do. She was told it was a special reading class so that she could read more books. Which is fine with me. I would prefer for her to NOT hear that it is a "gifted" class because of the stigma that is associated with that word.

The good thing is that we can take her out of the class at any time. They also wrap up the testing to get into the program with the regular standardized testing that the school does each year. And if she doesn't get in next year, that it A-OK by me.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Queen of hearts costume

I normally do not play the normal mommy blog game of entering contests or posting giveaways, but this is just too good to not mention.

First, you must understand that I love Alice in Wonderland. Specifically, the rabbit character.

Second, you must appreciate my daughter's strong willed personality to understand the "perfectness" of this costume.

Third, you need to understand my love for things that are unique.

Then you will really appreciate my link to this blog contest.

Seriously, this is the cutest costume I have ever seen. And we are borderline with having the costume size fit, so I'm hoping that we win it!

So if you are interested in winning an Alice in Wonderland costume (cuz Queen of Hearts is spoken for) head over to the Grosgrain blog and check it out!

Tiggie update

Thank you to the Disney Store for not messing up the shipping on getting new Tiggie to us as quick as possible. And just in time too, because a certain someone pee'd all over old Tiggie during nap time.

Can you tell which is which?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good morning

I love waking up to the lamas.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dog for sale - real cheap.

It has been a rough week at our house, thus the lack of posts. The kids have both been sick at separate times, this was A.'s long week for working overnights, the dogs are on my last nerve and work is work.

The straw that broke my back this week just happened this afternoon when a small congested four year old boy let out a shriek that a dog had attacked his tiggie.

I may have at one point said to the dog "I will CUT you!"
Please don't call PETA.

For those of you who have spent anytime with Baby Bear, you understand how much he adores his Tiggie. He does not go to sleep with out him. He takes him to school and keeps him in his cubbie all day long, everyday. This is actually Tiggie #2 as the first one had to be retired several months ago because he had made one too many trips through the washing machine. And Tiggie is always laying within reach of one of the three dogs. Why they decided today was the day Tiggie was going down is beyond me.

In case you were wondering, Tiggie #3 has already been ordered. And I will gladly ship you dog #3 in the container once it arrives.