Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's 40 degrees outside and you want to do what?

That was the response I got on Saturday morning when I announced that it was time to get swimsuits on and head out the door for lessons. No one was too excited about it.

I was really surprised at how well Baby Bear took to the water this time around. You may remember from last time, that he was more interested in the teacher than the actual lesson. This time he literally jumped right in the water and was always first to volunteer to try something new.

Mooka was so excited to be back in lessons, especially after the whole cheer leading incident.

Overall, week one was a success minus the chilly morning. Hopefully by the end of this session at least one or both of them will be able to swim without a float belt.

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GrandmaKat said...

Looking more like Aunt Amanda in the water!!!!