Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Babies and belly buttons

A few weeks ago, we pulled in to the Payless parking lot and proceeded to get out of the car. When Mooka got out of the car, in a moment of complete randomness, she nearly burst into tears explaining how she did not want to get married.

ME: Okay, sweet heart. No one is going to force you to get married. May I ask why?

MOO: Well, when you get married you have babies and I don't want to have babies.

ME: Okay.

MOO: I'm going to just live with you forever.

Baby Bear: Yeah, me too.

I thought it was a sweet conversation and moved on.

Tonight, in another moment of randomness, she starts naming the different phases in a person's life - baby, kid, teenager, mom, grandma. I said, well sometimes people are adults and don't become a mom. Which must have triggered her adamant opposition to marriage and babies again, because she started in on "I don't want to have babies."

ME: Honey, why don't you want to have babies?

MOO: Because when you have babies, your belly button stinks.

ME: My belly button smelled like that before I had babies.

MOO: Pause...Mom you are so gross!


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