Monday, January 5, 2009

Quotes heard throughout the past week

Sometimes I'm thankful to have children simply for the amusement that they bring me. In the past week, I have had the pleasure of hearing the following in our home:

"Fire in the hole!" - Shouted from Baby Bear to me as I was in the kitchen burning cooking breakfast for the family.

"But I didn't use my hands" - Baby Bear after returning from the bathroom and responding to A.'s question "Did you wash." He's become quite the Commode Houdini. If you come to my house to visit, I don't recommend you actually sit on the toilet.

"But it's not big right now." - This is a pretty common Baby Bear response to me telling him to go to the bathroom in the morning.

"I need to get me some boobies." - Mooka's response to me asking why she was trying on my bras.

I'm sure I'm forgetting more of them. I'll have to start writing them down as they happen.

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