Thursday, October 22, 2009

Giving it another go round

Unless you live in a hole, you have probably seen the recent ad campaign for Slimquick.

The children have clearly seen these commercials and believe the product will work.

SCENE: Crowed Wal-Mart last weekend. Children in the cart. We enter the vitamin aisle.

IN UNISON (at a volume that could be heard throughout the entire health and beauty department) : Mommy, mommy, stop! There it is!

ME: There what is?

THEM: The stuff you need so you won't have such a big butt. Here lets get two because you really need it.

And so it goes...

I'm back on a diet.

Now in all honesty, I have not done anything to attempt to get healthy for the past year. And consequently, I now weigh as much as a linebacker (not a running back, a linebacker.)

Sure, I've thought about it. But, I've also thought about all the reasons why I should eat nachos at 10 at night while watching Chelsea Lately. I feel like I have earned that down time. Why ruin it with exercise?

But, I'm really unhappy about the way I look and most of the time I am too exhausted from lugging around 46% body fat to even think about fixing it. I have considered starting a second blog to try to hold myself accountable like this guy did, but I'm too ashamed to actually post how much I really weigh. So, as a compromise, I have decided that I will post how much weight I lose each week on this blog. Depending on how that goes, I will determine if I need to get more aggressive with accountability partners.

So, wish me luck and if you have any tips, please feel free to send them my way!


Tyler said...

Good luck! I'll hold you accountable.

Brad and Tammy said...

Good Luck!!!! I need to follow your lead here and do the same. I may add my weight loss to my blog too!! :)