Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wake up call

Weight has always been a struggle of mine. Throughout high school and college, I was a slave to my scale, diet pills and workout videos. While it was comforting for me to have my weight under control, it was always a ton of work.

Like many women, when I got pregnant I took eating for two to the extreme. It was so liberating to not feel like I was doing something wrong by eating. And eat I did. During my last trimester with Mooka it was not uncommon for me to polish off a box of Little Debbie's a day. I was able to lose most of the weight from her, but then six months later, I was prego with Baby Bear. I have had good intentions for the past three years, but have not been able to budge the scale.

This morning after a wonderful enlightening conversation with Mooka, I have new motivation. The conversation went something like this...

Mooka - "Mommy, why do you have boobies on your back?"

Nuf said.

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Liv said...

I just had a little enlightenment myself... You know those mirrors for rear facing car seats? Yeah so as I glanced back to check on Sugar Bean I got a glimpse of the back fat that was overtaking my drivers seat. But I am taking the practical approach, It is apparent my attempts to slim down are futile, but Lane Bryant just put out a new bra designed to hide backfat. the front feels a little like the girls are sitting in Styrofoam but my back is as flat. Mission accomplished.