Saturday, February 14, 2009

What's in a name?

In my family, nearly all of my grandma's did not go by the traditional title of Grandma. I have a Nanny, a Granny and a MeMe. Since my Granny and MeMe passed away long before I had kids, I really haven't had conversations with the kids about my grandparents. I think they are too young to really understand death right now, so I just haven't gone there.

But recently, Mooka has started calling me MeMe. We aren't really sure where it came from, but she has taken to just using that name to refer to me.

An interesting side note, is that the name MeMe for my grandma was the result of my mom calling her mom a "meanie" in her late teen years and my young cousin interpreting the name in his own way. So...MeMe just stuck.

All last week while I was traveling and called home, she would greet me with a loud "MEME!" She did it again last night when they all picked me up at the airport.

I'm completely fascinated with how she has come up with this name. It makes me want to learn more about genetics.

Or maybe it has nothing to do with genetics and maybe it's my MeMe's way of checking in to let me know she's watching :)

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