Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Parenting Lesson #12

The saying "Patience is a virtue" becomes your mantra after having children.

I have learned to accept a ton of things and to be patient as a parent.

Coloring on the walls - check
Using finger nail polish to paint the carpet - check
Peeing on the floor - check
Throwing food - check
Crying in public - check
Constant bickering between the two of them - check
Never liking any food put in front of them - check
Hiding lunch meat in the closets - check

And the list just goes on.


Baby Bear has started this thing where he talks like Carol Channing and it drives me bananas. He loves to make his sister laugh and has an assortment of voices that he will use to entertain her.

But this

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Liv N Learn said...

If you get this one figured out let me know so I can use you technique on my husband. He has been walking around singing that stupid fillet of fish song from the McDonald's commercials for weeks. I will never see a fish patty the same way again.