Monday, April 27, 2009

Sometimes it's not so pretty

Raising kids is hard work.

Raising my kids is especially hard work.

This blog has been dedicated to our little story about raising these kids, but I’ve left out one key element. It’s not always fun and sometimes, no matter how hard I try, I can’t find the humor in the situation.

Sometimes I get really annoyed with them.

And during those times, I feel like a horrible human being. I think about all of those parents who are desperate to have a child and feel like I'm being selfish. We've been blessed with two amazing healthy children; but they behave like wild donkeys.

Because I’m an individual who is driven by logic, I always think I can read the perfect book or watch enough Nanny 911 to “fix” whatever craziness has overtaken their tiny brains. What I’m discovering though, is that thinking I can outsmart them is about as effective as the dog owner who thinks they can yell “SHHHH” at the dog like Ceasar Milan and have it make a difference.

This weekend, the girl decided to strip down and get nekkid in the front yard during the neighborhood yard sale. She wanted to put on her swimming suit. And I’m sure there may be a funny story here, but it made me really mad. And how do you explain to a 5 year old, that there are a bunch of random strangers in the neighborhood and one could just decide to run off with your nekkid little girl self – without freaking her out to the point that she will never function normally in society?

And not to be left out, the boy went to the neighbor’s house and decided to spray everyone with the garden hose so that it created a huge mud pile for everyone getting on and off the trampoline. Then after he finished his timeout sentence, he through one of the biggest fits of his entire 4 years of existence when he was handed a popsicle with the wrapper already removed. And as I carried him back to our house to his room, he kicked and hit and spit the entire time.

Other parents tell me similar horror stories, but it always seems like my kids are able to out-do them.

So this week, I’m weary. I feel like they’ve won. I’m thanking GOD we have committed to not having any more children. I’m feeling like I’ve already failed and we are just barely into this thing.

If you have the magic beans to make this thing work, please send them right away.

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