Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First day of school 1.4

Today is the real first full day of school - YAY!

On a side note, I have really begun to enjoy the time alone that Baby Bear and I have in the car alone after we drop Mooka off at school. There are about 7 miles between her school and his, so we have a little bit of bonding time.

This mornings conversation went like this...

Both of us were singing along with the radio.

BB: Mom, how do babies get in mommies bellies.

Me: I'm sorry, what?

BB: How do the babies get in the bellies.

Me: Honey, why do you want to know.

BB: Because I want to know how them get in the bellies.

Me: Because Jesus puts them there.

BB: Okay!

Silence the rest of the way to school.

Where do they come up with these things and what in the world was going through his little head that made THAT the question for the morning?!


G-ma Gayle said...

i know we are fearfully and wonderfully that the whole story? what ever happened to the stork? perhaps the kids do not know what a stork about the cabbage patch? the milk man? the easiest answer is the most obvious...ASK DADDY WHEN HE GETS HOME!

bernthis said...

being Jewish, I would have likely said, hey did you see that? and act all excited even though there I saw nothing