Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This month's follies

I recently received this request from a very dear friend of mine and I thought I'd share my response.

. . . tell me the worst thing your kids have done in the past month.

Baby Bear has pooped his pants the past two days in a row. Keep in mind he was not wearing a pull up at the time but rather a pair of swim trunks (with those nice mesh liners that doubled as a strainer).

Baby Bear walked into the bathroom last night and peed on my new carpet. This was not an accident while trying to use the toilet, but rather a deliberate attempt to ruin the carpet. He's out to get me.

Mooka refuses to sleep in her own bed. She starts out the night in her bed and then makes the migration sometime between 1- 3 each morning. This results in her not getting a full night's sleep and us not getting a full night's sleep. She's a real peach every morning.

Baby Bear wakes up everyday at 6:30. Doesn't matter what day. Doesn't matter how late he was up the night before. He's like a little robot.

Bedtime is the worst time of day - ever. It's like a really bad version of the movie ground hog day. I need to potty, I need juice, I need another book, I'm hot, I need to poop, I'm cold, I need to kiss daddy, I need to balance the deficit (you get the picture).

They have a new diet involving cheese its and juice. Everything else is "DIS-GUS-TING" and they make sure I know it.

We've paid the $150 for the kids to take swim lessons, but yet each lesson Baby Bear gets out of the pool and refuses to swim. He'd rather stand there and dance to the music played on the overhead speakers.

Mooka has two really horrible habits that we can't seem to break: thumb sucking and hair twirling. We've tried everything - threats from the dentist, promises of head gear and braces, but she just won't give up the thumb. Her hair is fashioned nicely into a mullet from all of the hair twirling. There is literally an eight inch difference between the sides and the back. Of course, she refuses to let me trim it.

While in MN, we were at the zoo and the kids were waiting to ride a train. Mooka was first in line until a girl, probably 3 years older than her, came and got in line. This devastated Mooka. She came running to me, shouting "Mommy, the fat brown girl just kicked me out of the line" as loud as she possibly could.

However, on the flip side...

After all the poops, the sleepless nights, the outbursts, the tantrums, the bad habits, I wouldn't change it for the world. I might not recommend having two toddlers at once, but other than that, it's amazing.

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