Monday, July 28, 2008

To pierce or not to pierce

As I daily struggle with my baby turning into a little kid, life gave me a cruel wake up call this weekend.

A and I refused to get Mooka's ears pierced when she was a baby. Our stance has always been, when she's old enough to understand and ask for it, then we will let her. I had no idea she would be "old enough" so soon. After seeing Sugar Bean this weekend at church, Mooka asked if we could get her ears pierced. I almost fainted. How can she be growing up so fast? Is there a way to stop this? How can she feel peer pressure from a six month old baby? She won't even let me pull a band aid off her without throwing a fit, how in the world will she sit through ear piercing?

In order to buy myself some more time, I told her we would wait until next weekend.

So here is my question, is it too soon for this?

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Connie said...

I think she's right on schedule. I was around five or six when I first started have my ears pierced. My parents promised I could as soon as I stopped sucking my thumb. So there's your out.