Friday, July 11, 2008

Weddings and toddlers

Ah, it's wedding season. Love is in the air. The birds are singing. The flowers are in bloom. And somewhere there is a bride who is going to think she wants your kids in her wedding.

See, single childless folks don't really get kids. They like them to come visit for a few hours, buy them some ice cream, send birthday cards and enjoy their limited interactions. It seems like a very logical idea to invite the young children to be a part of the big day. I for one cringe at the request to bring my children to someone else's home that might possibly have furniture in it, let alone ask them to stand in front of people during such an important event.

My sister recently got married to a wonderful man - the Rice Man. Of course, my children were invited to be the flower girl and ring bearer along with the Rice Man's brother's toddler daughter. That's right - three toddlers front and center. What could possibly go wrong?

Allow me to share our experience...

As the vows began, I felt a tug on my Maid of Honor dress and hear:

Mooka: Um, mommy, I'm done - gotta go - I can't do this anymore.
Mooka: Yep - can't be the princess anymore.
Mooka: My sparkly barrette fell out.
Me: Just give it to me.

But no, we won't just stop there. As the sand ceremony was commencing:
Baby Bear: Mommy is that candy?
Baby Bear: Mommy I want some of that candy!
Me: Honey it's sand.
Baby Bear: Mommy why is it sand. I want candy.
This back and forth dialog went on for what felt like thirty minutes.

And everyone was so comforting after the wedding with nice remarks like, "Your kids are so cute, I didn't hear a thing." Uh huh - sure you didn't.

The reception was equally as fun when both of my children started busting out a booty dance and swinging on poles much like "professional dancers."

Regardless, the wedding was beautiful and we are so excited to have the Rice Man in our family.

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