Monday, March 2, 2009

Boogie Wipes

It's very rare for me to get excited about products for kids, mainly because I feel most of them are just a higher priced version of something that already exists for adults. Which I entirely expected to be true of Boogie Wipes when I discovered them at the wal-store this weekend.

Truth be told, I made this purchase largely based on the name of the product. And partially because I didn't have anything else in my purse to wipe the barnacles that had formed on Mooka's nose. But seriously, who wouldn't want something in their purse called Boogie Wipes.

May I borrow a pen...let me, but I have Boogie Wipes.

Or in the event that I find myself in an impromptu game of Let's Make A Deal, I always want to be ready.

Regardless of my intentions, these things ROCK. Because I was so stoked about the name, the kids automatically got stoked about using them! So not only was there a reduction in the number of fits they through in the store, they also didn't look like little creatures from the forest running around and they willingly wiped their own noses.

If you are on my we're-having-a-baby-this-year list, guess what you'll be getting!

1 comment:

Chrystal said...

We love Boogie Wipes! Three cheers for no more crusty noses!