Tuesday, March 31, 2009

For my little guy

Dear Baby Boy,

I cannot believe you celebrated your fourth birthday today. You really aren't much different today than you were yesterday, but at the same time when I looked at you tonight sitting up on your new bicycle, you looked like a little kid. You are starting to lose those chubby little cheeks and looking more like a big boy everyday.

Actually, your transformation began two years ago when I made the mistake of getting your long curls cut off (in an attempt to disguise that your sister cannot grow hair) and I've regretted it every day since.

While I can't really say I have fond memories of the actual process of getting you into this world, I can say that I have cherished every single minute since that time.

Your birth was a long drawn out process that started with me thinking I had peed on the floor. (Right, I know, not much has changed with me in four years.)

When you finally decided you'd come out and join the rest of us, your poor little face was severely bruised. So much, that I remember the nurse telling me to not worry that it would fade.

But when I saw you, I didn't see any bruises. I just saw a beautiful little boy.

As you have grown up, I have fallen in love with your sweet spirit. You melt my heart every time I look in your big brown eyes. The way you are curious about everything around you has helped me learn to just slow down and enjoy the little things.

I know this year you will continue to lose more and more of your toddler like qualities and further develop your kid personality. I promise to be right with you every step along the way.



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