Tuesday, June 30, 2009

No, Napoleon, we don't store food in our pants.

O, yes. He did.

The boy has done nothing but eat the past two days. Yay! That's one less box I have to pack, but I am seriously ready to buy the child a feed bag. If I hear one more "Mommy, I'm hungry" I may just drop him off at Golden Corral and come back at closing time.

And then there is tonight.

As I was trying to get the girl to brush her teeth, I noticed a certain someone stock piling cheesy poofs in his pull up.

Really, how is one to respond to that?

"Sweet heart, no cheesy poofs in your pants please."

And I'm pretty sure a good mom would have showered him down so that he would not have had to sleep in cheesy crumb goodness all night, but I'm just too tired for all that. A little wet wipe magic and he was good as new.

Please send meds.

K? Thanks!

Love, J.

1 comment:

Connie said...

I totally relate to the stockpiling of cheesy poofs by whatever means available right now. Sorry, but I have to side with Baby Bear on this one. Hope you had a fantastic 4th!!