Friday, June 12, 2009


For the past 6 months, Baby Bear came home from school and always had a story to share about the day he had with Salmon. I never stopped to question the child's name, because who am I to stifle freedom of expression. I also assumed Salmon was a boy because most of the stories were prompted by me asking, why did you take off your shoes and run in the mud? or do you just eat dirt all day long?

Well, last week I got to meet Salmon.

And well, her name isn't Salmon. BB just has a unique way of pronouncing her name.

Her mom and I were talking and she told me how every day "Salmon" comes home from school with stories about how her and BB went digging for worms, bugs, or other assorted creepy crawlies.

Given his tight knit friendship with his sister, I'm really not surprised that his best buddy is a girl. And in his eyes, I'm sure she's that much cooler than his sister, because she likes bugs.

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