Thursday, August 28, 2008

The great stay at home debate

I have mixed feelings towards stay at home moms. Part of me is jealous that I don't have this option, but the other part of me is pretty sure that I would go bananas if I had to attempt to survive toddler antics all day every day.

The thing I definitely don't enjoy are the stay at home moms that judge working moms. There are plenty of mom blogs from these ladies who freely caste their judgment on us working moms. And I'm not saying that stay at home moms don't work hard...I get it, you clean and take care of kids all day long and yes, it's a job. But don't insinuate that working moms somehow care less about our kids or that we are not concerned with nurturing our young ones, in a lot of our cases, staying at home just was not in the hand we were dealt. Some of us even choose to work. It shows our children independence and hard work.

There was an incident a couple of weeks ago after church that sparked this post. I had noticed that a MOPS group was forming for the fall; however the group meets on Tuesdays at 10 a.m. After the church service, the group had a sign up table set up outside. I walked over and asked the lady tending to the table if they had ever considered an evening meeting time for working mothers. She looked at me like I had spoken some sort of evil and snorted "We did think about it once, but then we decided, well, you know - majority rules! I think there may be a group at other churches in the area."


I mean really?

I wanted to smack her.

Then I decided that wouldn't be very "Christianly" of me.

O, but I wanted to smack her.

So, we left and I played her remarks over and over in my mind. I went through feeling sorry for myself because I'm not part of the "majority". Then I went through the snotty phase of wanting to ask her if she intentionally married into money so that she could sit back and eat bon bons everyday.

I digress.

Kudos to all of the moms out there who are able to stay at home and raise their children.

And to those of us who work 50 hours a week, keep our homes in working order and still raise some pretty spectacular kids - hold your heads high and pat yourselves on the back for being able to do it all!

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Liv N Learn said...

You read my mind. I think there is something really valuable for Sugar Bean to see that her mommy is not just a domestic contributor but a financial one as well. I have been approached by at least 4 MOPS and each one of them snares when I say I work. We should really think about starting a group in the evenings. That way all of us lowly working moms have an outlet as well. I am totally down for helping wherever.