Thursday, August 14, 2008

That crazy DNA

When our kids were born, we both agreed that we would not try to say which traits of ours each child was blessed with. We believe that they were each created in their own unique way and there was no need to "classify" them as mine or yours. But, as they've gotten older, certain characteristics cannot be ignored.

For example, Mooka...

She has
A's eyes
and my smile
A's athletic ability
and my sense of humor
A's hair
and my singing voice

What, my singing voice you ask? For those of you that know me, my singing voice is quite enchanting. It's best enjoyed by myself in the shower and should only be shared with those I love.

And Mooka LOVES to sing. As LOUD as she can.

She recently discovered Disney's The Little Mermaid. She goes around the house and does the "ah, Ah, AHHHH" all day long. She's also recently decided that she only wants to take showers (must be the acoustics.) So nightly, we get to listen to 15 minutes of ah, AH, AHHHHH.

The other night we went out to eat. There was a nice young couple sitting behind us. You could tell it was young love, as they sat next to each other in the booth rather than across from each other. Mooka realizes the young lovers behind us and announces that she's going to sing to them. Before I could stop her, it had already started "ah, Ah, AHHHHHHHHHHH."

And then it went to repeat.

And again.

By now the entire half of the restaurant was looking our way. Since A had gotten up to go to the restroom, I saw no need to stop her. So she continued to entertain our section of the restaurant until it was time for us to leave.

Someday my baby will be on Broadway!

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Clare said...

I heard it myself the other day! I must agree taht it is enchanting! :)