Monday, August 18, 2008

New 'do

Last Friday, I was having a bad hair day, so I decided to whack off all of my hair. This is not an uncommon practice for me as I am in a perpetual cycle of grow hair out, cut hair off. The last time I chopped it all off, the kids were too young to notice. I knew it was coming so I had asked Mooka if she would mind if I cut my hair. She said, no mommy, I think it would look beautiful. So off I went to the salon to get my new 'do.

When I arrived to pick the kids up from school, I was met with the following reaction:

Mooka took one look and fell to the floor in tears.

Baby Bear got close, examined me for a while and then responded with "Mommy, you need to take a shower and get that hair off."

Just the reaction one wants to receive when making a drastic change to one's appearance. And with my last ounce of self-esteem, we loaded up the bus (as they have now lovingly renamed mini) and headed home.

Mooka didn't speak the entire ride home and Baby Bear just kept saying "Drive faster, you need to take a shower."

The weekend was a long one. Mooka has started to come around, although she's not shy about announcing to anyone who will listen how much she dislikes my hair. Baby Bear makes sure I know that I need to take a shower to "get that hair off."

There's nothing in the world like your own "Stacy and Clinton" to cheer you up in the morning.

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Wifezilla said...

I don't care what Stacy and Clinton have to say... I love the new do.