Thursday, July 23, 2009

Great baby shower gift

One regret I have from each of the kid's first year is not capturing the same pose month after month to document how fast they were growing. I had great intentions, but just didn't quite get it together. So when my Chicago friend hinted that she wanted this simple but wonderful gift, I was excited to order them.

The concept is easy: put baby in onesie, place sticker on baby, take picture, repeat once a month. AMAZING! The best thing about this idea, is it won't get tossed out or become obsolete after the first three months.

If you're giving it as a gift, buy the stickers and a variety of sized white onesies, voila! You're done. I highly recommend this idea for anyone who has to buy a baby gift. Especially after trying to navigate the baby shower registry in the store the night before the shower - that was a disaster.

You can buy the stickers at

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Brian said...

We got this frame when we had our daughter and was one of the best things bought.