Thursday, July 9, 2009

We unpacked the children

The move is done and yes, we did bring the children.

See, I took a picture of them last night in their giant over-sized bathroom.

Seriously, their bathroom is like a little condo. It's crazy.

The move was long and painful, but we have all of our junk out of the old house.

I went out Monday, bought a book on organizing and have enlisted the help of a friend to sort through it all.

Bottom line, we have WAY too much stuff. I've been able to get my living room and dining room set up. I haven't put anything on the walls, no knick-knacks on the tables and you know what, I love it! I'm definitely moving towards the minimalist approach. So if you need any home decor, come by my place every Wednesday morning as it will be sitting out for the trash guys to take away.

As I get rooms done, I will post pictures, but don't expect anything anytime soon :)

Thank you to all of you (and your spouses) who spent countless hours helping with the process. Thank you to my parents who helped watch the crazies children while I attempted to work, get things packed, and tend to life while A. was out of town.


Liv N Learn said...

Your bathroom looks as big as my house! I am so glad you guys are loving the new house. I am going to have to come snoop one you are all settled. BTW...Thank you sooooooo much for the stroller and kitchen set! Greg neglected to tell me about the kitchen set until just this week or I would have thanked you profusely Sunday. Teagan LOVES the play food. I have eaten more pretend soup in the last few days than I have in my entire life.

Jamie said...

glad to hear you are getting settled!