Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More avoiding the task at hand

Again last night, rather than unpack, I decided it would be fun to hang out in my freshly painted furniture outside and read a book.

While I was reading, I noticed the little things kept running back into the woods and returning with sticks. After about 5 trips, they went in and got some marshmallows. They set up their chairs and had a pretend camp fire. It was so cute.

I also took some time to take outside shots of the new house.

To finish it off, I took a shot of Mooka's newest pose. She LOVES to do this when she is getting in trouble. And yes, I've already caught myself saying 'Don't do that or your eyes will stay that way.' Completely unsuccessful.

Note: the marshmallow on her face makes this one extra special.


Jamie said...

what a cute house!

trav said...

your house looks so cute! love all the yard space.